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Eavestrough Cleaning, Installation and Repair

Our standard Eaves-trough Cleaning involves the interior of the eaves and mouth of the downspout. Debris is completely removed from inside of the eavestrough and down-spouts are inspected for proper drainage. If necessary, "Snaking" (clearing of debris) in "blocked" or "plugged" elbows and down-spouts may require an additional fee.

We also offer a "Downspout Disconnection" Service which is now in effect and mandatory for every home in the city of Toronto.

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Removal of overgrown branches, vines or existing leaf guards are provided at an additional fee if required

Eavestrough Repair and Installation Services: Replacement of faulty or damaged eavestrough and downpipes, Sealing of leaking seams, Eavestrough resecuring and realignment, Downpipe installation and rerouting, Leaf Guard installation, Rain Barrel installation


We needed our really high eavestroughs cleaned as they were clogged. I was able to arrange a time very promptly and they came and finished the job very thoroughly and quickly. There were also few loose eavestroughs and they were able to secure those with no problems. I will definitely call them again for our annual eavestrough cleanings.

- Toronto Home Owner